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Discovering Milan with two authentic “Milanesi”

Milan city of the latest trends, taste & style with a cultural heritage and extraordinary architecture to discover and rediscover. Milan the capital of design, the queen of fashion and nightlife. Milan that celebrates every evening with delectable Italian food and aperitifs served like no other. Milan never the same as herself, ever active and continuously evolving.

Milan like ever other place exposes her true soul to those who know her and have really lived her. For this reason the ideal is to visit her and be guided by locals. To be carefree and simply let yourself give in to the pleasure of discovering the most interesting side of every street, every exhibition, every store, every park and every district.

The Milan we are proposing goes beyond the traditional touristic guides. It is more personal, more unexpected, more real. It is the Milan of Claudia & Patrizia, two authentic “Milanesi” who are ready to accompany you in the discovery of the latest, trendiest and most fascinating locations.

With Claudia & Patrizia you will enjoy the city from a privileged point of view and custom make your stay to what really interests you. From a visit to a ceramic studio to an eighteenth century courtyard, from the geometry of the new city skyline to the atelier who creates designer jewellery, to the personal shopping experience in the most innovative and chic stores. A tailor-made Milan created around your inner most desires.

A different way to relish the excellence of a Milan seen through the eyes of who was born and bred.

We await you.


Claudia Fraschetti – Born and raised in Milan, a true Milanese with a degree in architecture and design, Claudia has always worked in the area of communications and marketing focusing on the travel and tourism sector. A true lover of all that is design, style and latest trends.

m.+ 39 347 849 3900   info@unexpectedmilan.com

Patrizia Modonesi – Authentic Milanese offering thirty years of experience within the travel and tourism industry, having worked for the most renown tour operators and more recently as an Independent Travel Consultant, Patrizia transmits her passion for the discovery of new places and different cultures.

m.+ 39 392 038 6204   info@unexpectedmilan.com

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